HNI launches Metaverse training programm

HNI has announced the launch of a unique, interactive training course that aims to help businesses understand the benefits and opportunities of the Metaverse. The new programme will help to build local knowledge and expertise in what is anticipated to be the next big technology platform, as experts predict its potential to grow into an $800 billion market opportunity.
The programme will provide trainees with a comprehensive overview of Metaverse technology and how it is expected to impact different business sectors. It will explore integrated themes, including the importance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and the revolution of Web 3.0. The curriculum will also consider the psychological effect of the Metaverse and look to predict how the development of the Metaverse will play out in the future.

The new course comes as the UAE government looks to a new era of digital reality and human-computer interaction in the delivery of its services. Hanan Nagi, founder and CEO of HNI commented: “The launch of the world’s first Metaverse customer happiness service centre by the Ministry of Health and Prevention is one example of how the UAE is leading the way in this technology. Our aim with this course is to help develop knowledge and understanding of the sector, to build the capacity that will support this region to be at the forefront of this emerging market opportunity.”


Alongside the Metaverse course, HNI is also launching a customisable program in Technology Intelligence, which aims to develop trainees’ knowledge and understanding of next-generation business trends. The course combines theoretical lessons and practical exercises in emerging technologies such as blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. It also addresses the application of automation, big data and enterprise platforms.

Speaking about the impetus behind the new programs, Nagi said: “These technologies are transforming our society, not simply in terms of how we do business, but also in the way we interact in our daily lives. At HNI, we have been incorporating virtual and augmented reality tools into our customised training methods for some time, and we see how it enhances the learning experience.”

She continued: “We know that this positive impact can be achieved across a whole range of industries, and with these courses, we hope to aid and accelerate the uptake of the technologies because they will be critical to the future success of the majority of business sectors.”

The new programs will reflect HNI’s longstanding approach to learning consulting, providing face-to-face, digital and virtual training solutions that are custom-designed to each client’s needs.
HNI is a learning consultancy organisation headquartered in Dubai. Specialising in designing and developing leadership programs for managers at different levels of their career, as well as recent graduates, HNI provides world-class customised training in both English and Arabic. Through its customised, face-to-face, virtual and digital learning solution, HNI supports businesses and organisations across the Middle East and North Africa, USA and Europe. HNI’s extensive portfolio covers a diverse range of business, management and soft skills courses, customised to the needs of each client.

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