Youth Camps

Elevate your skills and have a blast: Interactive workshops for young learners.

Youth Camps

Full-day interactive workshops filled with fun and learning, tailored to your needs and industry.

These camps are designed to host young participants (based on the age group you specify), where HNI provides a one-of-a-kind experience of intensified material and learning outcomes.

12-17 years old is the typical age range.

Depending on the topics and skill level, the duration ranges from 5 to 20 days.

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Sustainability Camp

HNI Sustainability Camp is a 5-10 day camp blending the STEM fields with sustainable impact around the globe. It is a unique experience combining hands on laboratory projects with field experience on campus and simulations on sustainable development goals.

Career Camp

Career Camp is a week-long event series intended to inspire and motivate you to pursue careers that you are passionate about. HNI’s adventurous, forward-thinking journey includes personality and aptitude assessments, career mentoring, and planning.
The camp will also develop the students skills in several areas such as; CV writing, Interviewing skills, Communication and dealing with teams, Personal branding to name a few.

Entrepreneurship Camp

Young Entrepreneur Camp is geared to students with a high level of interest in entrepreneurship. Through fun games, activities, group projects, and a business simulation program, students learn business and marketing strategy, teamwork, and essential problem-solving and leadership skills.

Every day is filled with interesting and challenging activities to help students learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and creating a start-up business.

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