The Sales Achiver

In Person Virtual-Online

3 Days


Learning Objectives

  Increase productivity and achieve sales target through improving customers’          relations and understanding customers’ needs.
  Improve selling skills and create selling opportunities.
  Identify the buying motives of the potential customers.
  Interpret customer’s responses and build on them to close the deal.
  Identify your customers’ needs and buying criteria, even when they don’t want      to tell you.
  Improve selling skills and create selling opportunities.
  Master prospecting and sales preparation.

In Person Virtual-Online

3 Days


Learning Objectives

   Define what is leadership and what is the skill set of an effective leader.
   Differentiate between leadership and management.
   Discuss resilience types and their impact on leaders.
   Identify the four pillars of the resilient leadership model.
   Use growth mindset in leading collaborative team.
   Apply on taking initiatives in the workplace.


Module 1 : Introduction to sales management

  • Good selling vs. GREAT selling.
  • Knowledge, skills, and attitude.
  • Qualities of top salespeople.

Module 2 : Developing your selling skills

  • Effective communication.
  • Communication model.
  • Verbal and non-verbal signals.
  • Reading body.
  • language and facial expressions.
  • The four behavioural styles.
  • Identification of each style.
  • Adapting to each style.
  • Persuasion and influence skills.
  • Questioning skills.
  • Rapport building.

Module 3 : Customer centered approach

  • Customer centred vs. Product centred.
  • Sales funnel: how does your customer buy?
  • Customers’ buying motives.
  • Differentiating needs and expectations.
  • Ways to approach new customers.
    • Customer’s responses

Module 4 : Sales approach

  • Pre-stage: prospecting and preparation:
    • Objectives setting.
    • Plan.
    • Sales pitch flow.
  • During stage:
    • Sales approaches types.
    • Sales methodologies.
    • The four steps of sales process.
  • Questioning Techniques:
    • Open/Closed Probe.
    • Forms of Probing.
    • Open/Closed Ended.
  • Closing Stage:
    • Direct Close.
    • Step-By-Step Close.
    • Summery Close.
    • Incentive Close.
  • Post-Sale Analysis.

Module 5 : Introduction to Cross Selling and Up Selling

  • What is the difference between Cross Selling and Up Selling.
  • Practical Cross/Up.
  • Selling Techniques.
  • Importance of Cross.
  • Selling and Up Selling.

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