Strategic Planning

Mode of Delivery
In Person

3 Days


Measurement tool
Pre and Post Assessment

Learning Objectives

 Identify the basic strategic management concepts and terminology
 Formulate strategic plans to help organization advance and grow
 Detect the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT) that drive strategy
 Identify strategies to better position your organization for long-term competitive advantage


 Distinguish between different types and levels of strategy and strategy implementation
 Translate strategy into action
 Execute strategy and deliver results through people and processes
 Establish strategic planning, monitoring and controlling mechanisms that ensure positive results

 Strategic Thinking vs. Strategic Planning & “Helicopter View”
 Elements for Strategic Success
 Recognizing the Need for Change
 Benefits of Strategic Management

 Vision and Mission statements
 Organizational Core Values
 Planning: Strategic, Tactical, and Operational
 The Strategic Planning and Control Process

 Tools & Techniques for Internal Analysis
 The SWOT Analysis
 Balanced Scorecard
 Value Chain Analysis

 Competitive Advantage / Unique Selling Points
 The Extended Boston Consulting Growth Share Matrix
 Porter’s Five Competitive Forces
 Growth Drivers

 Monitoring the Strategic Plan Implementation
 Developing Control Systems and Performance Measures

 SMART(ER) Objectives and Goals
 Criteria of Effective Action Plans
 Linking Goals, Strategies, Action Plans, and Budgets
 Communicating the Strategic Plan

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