IOSH Managing Safely

In-Person / Online

5 Days


Learning Objectives

  Explain the component parts of a recognized safety management system.
  Identify the data and techniques required to produce an adequate record of        an incidents and accidents.
  Demonstrate the procedure for an accident investigation, recognizing the              human factors involved.
  Describe statutory requirements for reporting and procedures for checking for        non-reporting.
  Describe methods of basic trend and epidemiological analysis for reactive              monitoring data.
  Demonstrate a practical understanding of a quantitative risk assessment                  technique and the data required for records.
  Describe workplace precaution hierarchies.
  Prepare and use active monitoring checklists and implement schedules for              active monitoring, recording results and analyzing records.
  Outline relevant health and safety legislation and codes of practice.

In Person Virtual-Online

3 Days


Learning Objectives

   Define what is leadership and what is the skill set of an effective leader.
   Differentiate between leadership and management.
   Discuss resilience types and their impact on leaders.
   Identify the four pillars of the resilient leadership model.
   Use growth mindset in leading collaborative team.
   Apply on taking initiatives in the workplace.


Module 1 : Introducing managing safely

Module 2 : Assessing risks

Module 3 : Understanding your responsibilities

Module 4 : Identifying hazards

Module 5 : Investigating accidents and incidents

Module 6 : Measuring performance

Module 7 : Protecting our environment

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