IOSH Managing Environmental Responsibilities

In Person / Online

3 Days


Learning Objectives

  Identify aspects and impacts and their significance to the environment from            everyday activities and company processes.
  Apply management principles and advise on good management practice            relating to environmental issues.
  Communicate environmental practices effectively to gain support from all              levels in the organization including your stakeholders.
  Identify biodiversity and ecosystems and the importance of maintaining      a          balanced relationship within industry and Organizational practices
    Review the component parts of your environmental management system                against the ISO 14001 standard.
  Identify the tools and methodologies in applying resource efficiency to support      sustainable development in your organization.
  Identify the responsibilities of organizations regarding compliance with                      environmental legislation and relevant permits.
  Understand best practices in pollution prevention including assessing,                        preventing and mitigating risks. 

In Person Virtual-Online

3 Days


Learning Objectives

   Define what is leadership and what is the skill set of an effective leader.
   Differentiate between leadership and management.
   Discuss resilience types and their impact on leaders.
   Identify the four pillars of the resilient leadership model.
   Use growth mindset in leading collaborative team.
   Apply on taking initiatives in the workplace.


Module 1 : Introducing the environment

  • What is the environment? – Putting the environment in context.
  • Key environmental issues and how we contribute.
  • Definition of the environment.

Module 2 : Identifying common environmental hazards

  • Working with the environment.
  • What is pollution?
  • Sources, receptors and pathways.
  • Environmental consequences – identifying the environmental consequences of our working practices.

Module 3 : Controlling environmental hazards

  • Environmental risk assessment.
  • Effective control mechanisms.
  • Protecting the environment.

Module 4 : Improving environmental performance

  • What is an environmental management system (EMS)?
  • What are the benefits of having an ems?
  • Ems structure and models.
  • Identifying what elements of EMS your company has and how they work.
  • Roles and responsibilities.

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