HSE Risk Assessment and Management

In-Person / Online

2 Days


Learning Objectives

  Define hazard and risk.
  Differentiate between types of risks.
  Use analysis tools for risk management.
  Create KPIS for risk management.
  Define risk management process.
  Use techniques for risk management.
  Create a disaster recovery plan.

In Person Virtual-Online

3 Days


Learning Objectives

   Define what is leadership and what is the skill set of an effective leader.
   Differentiate between leadership and management.
   Discuss resilience types and their impact on leaders.
   Identify the four pillars of the resilient leadership model.
   Use growth mindset in leading collaborative team.
   Apply on taking initiatives in the workplace.


Module 1 : Introduction

  • What is a hazard?
  • What is a risk?
  • Risk in business environment.
  • What is iso 31000?
  • Risk management in 21st century.

Module 2 : Where we ready? The COVID-19

  • Types of risks
    KPIS in risk management.
  • SWOT analysis.
  • PEST analysis.
  • HSE analysis.
  • The human factor assessment.

Module 3 : The risk management process

  • Risk identification
  • Methods of identification.
  • The risk management process.
  • Risk analysis matrix.

Module 4 : Other risk analysis tools

  • Failure modes and effects analysis – FMEA, brain storming based on experience.
  • Fault tree analysis – FTA, logical connections.
  • Pareto analysis – data driven risk assessment.

Module 5 : Risk management techniques

  • Avoid the risk - eliminate.
  • Reduce the risk – monitor and plan.
  • Transfer the risk - share.
  • Accept the risk – plan.

Module 6 : Risk management as per ISO 31000

  • What is ISO 31000?
  • Basic components.
  • When should i use iso 31000?

Module 7 : Disaster recovery plan

  • Development of the plan.
  • Execution of the plan and related KPIS.
  • Monitoring of the performance.
  • Case studies (chosen and discussed according to client industry and time availability).

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