HR Consulting

From building a competency framework to establishing a full
fledged L&D function, we follow international best practices in HR and L&D consulting

Performance Management

HNI offers expert performance management consulting services to help organizations achieve their goals. We work with you to design a custom performance management system, provide training for managers and employees, and align individual goals with the company’s overall strategy. Our goal is to enhance the performance and effectiveness of your organization and help you achieve better results.

Competency Framework

At HNI, we have a wealth of experience in creating and developing competency frameworks for technical, behavioral, and leadership roles for major clients in the region. Our specialty is in providing frameworks that clearly outline the knowledge, abilities, and characteristics required for employees to excel in their roles.By defining the competencies necessary for each position within the company, employees understand the behaviors and skills valued by the organization, and how their individual performance aligns with the company’s goals and principles. This not only helps employees work more efficiently and reach their full potential but also benefits the organization as a whole.

Human Capital Strategy

HNI team of experienced HR consultants specialize in developing comprehensive Human Capital strategies. We focus on areas such as strategic planning, talent management, performance culture, and evaluation to assist organizations in enhancing their internal processes and creating a positive employee experience. By partnering with you, we aim to pinpoint ways to attract, develop, and retain top talent, positioning your workforce as a competitive force in the market

HR policies and Procedures

At HNI, we offer expert HR policy and procedure design services to assist organizations in creating clear and efficient guidelines for managing their human resources. Our services include creating detailed instructions for compliance with HR policies and procedures, fostering a positive organizational culture built on trust, fairness, and inclusivity. By developing strong HR policies and procedures, organizations can streamline decision-making and standardize, improve communication and accessibility of HR interactions.

Succession Planning

Our team of seasoned consultants specializes in delivering effective succession planning services to HR leaders. We focus on identifying crucial roles within the organization and creating a comprehensive strategy to retain and cultivate talent for those positions. Our services include designing job roles, fostering employee engagement, aligning organizational needs with employee interests, and integrating the succession plan into performance management. By working together, we can help your organization develop a strong and sustainable talent pipeline.

Workforce Planning

Maximize your organization’s potential with HNI’s strategic workforce planning services. By analyzing your current workforce and identifying future needs, we help bridge any skill gaps and ensure that your team is equipped to meet your mission, goals, and overall plan. Our data-driven approach leads to informed business decisions and valuable insights on key metrics such as ease of hiring, time to fill positions, productivity, and turnover rates.

Employee Engagement

At HNI, we understand the importance of Employee Engagement for the success of your organization. Our team of experts specialize in providing consulting services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. We will work with you to design and implement an employee engagement strategy that will not only improve the engagement of your employees but also boost the overall performance of your organization

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