Critical And Analytical Thinking


1 Day


Learning Objectives

   Identify critical thinking and its process.
   What are the different standards of critical thinking.
   Analytical Skills and Data Analysis.
   Exploring the planning phase.

In Person/Online

1 Day


Learning Objectives

  Identify critical thinking and its process.
  What are the different standards of critical thinking.
  Analytical Skills and Data Analysis.
  Exploring the planning phase.


Module 1: Definition of Critical Thinking

  • What is critical thinking?
  • The importance of critical thinking
  • Common critical thinking styles

Module 2 : The Structure of Reasoning

  • Purpose
  • Point of view
  • Assumptions
  • Implications and consequences
  • Data, facts, and experience
  • Inferences

Module 3 : The Critical Thinking Process

  • The critical thinking model
  • The standards of critical thinking
  • Identifying the issues
  • Clarifying the issues and arguments
  • Establishing context
  • Checking credibility and consistency

Module 4 : Standards of Critical Thinking

  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Logic
  • Accuracy
  • Ethics of critical thinkers
  • Depth
  • Significance
  • Precision
  • Breadth
  • Fairness

Module 5 : Analytical Skills and Data Analysis

  • Identifying core analytical skills.
  • Describing the steps in the analytical process: plan, analyze, conclude.

Module 6 : The Planning Phase

  • Defining the purpose of the analysis.
  • Improving your analytical skills by clarifying relevant issues and questions: why, who, options, benefits and risks.
  • Identifying issues that are essential for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Deciding on an approach for an analysis project.
  • Creating a data collection plan for obtaining information.

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